Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Help my Friend

I got text message from one of my friend around 12:15am, and I went to help him for his car. His car battery was dead, and it won't start engine that time. But I found my booster cable (jumping cable) then I went to there. Then we connect my car and his car batteries for few minutes before he started car. Then when he started the car it actually started, and it was a good thing that his car battery is not completely dead fortunately. I was happy that I could help him that one, and after that we start talking random things as usually for several hours. It was good to see him and had a good time with my friend!

Oh yeah, then I came home and I start thinking about that what I need to do for next day, but I haven't finish all of that what I want to do list yet. However, it is late night... so I need to go to sleep! lol

Well I took some picture now


Snow light up!

Angles and Snowman
This was a gift for this year's Christmas, and it is nice to see what I got it. I shouldn't open my Christmas present, but I wanted to take picture now. Then I put back to box again and rapped it as it was. So now it is under the tree now. lol

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  1. Beautiful Eiichi! (^_^)

    Seishikina merīkurisumasu! - Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!