Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of the year 2011 (Part.3)

This is my part 3 of reviewing of 2011.

June,  a lot of things were going on. First, I was staying in the USA but I was going back to Japan for my summer vacation. Then, I went to a store which is antique shop at my home prefecture in Kumamoto, and I met a great friend there. I was happy that I met her, and I spent time with her to talk about American Antiques and so on. It was a great time for meeting a new person for my life.

This month, I met a new friend who is the import my life friend now. Also, my Korean friend visited me that time, and I am glad that she came to visit me. I wish I could go to visit her next year, and hopefully I will do that next summer when I have time. Also, this month I was appreciated to my friends and will be remember that how important for my friend in my life.

August (8月)
Well, I was in Japan for longer time than usually. That is the most of it. Also, my Grandma's 1st year anniversary for memorial days came to here this month. I will never forget anything about her.
Also, I was happy that my cousin was stayed at my home for more than week. that was a good time for her to come and had fun time together like old time. I am happy to spend time with my family a lot.

Part 4 will be.... next blog

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