Thursday, December 29, 2011


This year will be three more days to end and new year is coming to here. I am so happy that every new year comes, but still not sure what to think about end of each year. However, this year, I think it was pretty great, and I was happy all the time other than just stressed out some stuff. I will write down that tomorrow and tonight some of things what I have done decided by four or five different things. First, I should write down January through March or something like that. Second is March through May. Third will be May through June. Fourth will be June through August. Fifth will be August through October. Sixth will be Oct and Nov. AND Seventh will be December! OH!? I need to write down seven different blog to talk about those things what I wanted to talk!

Well, That is off topic from what I was going to write down now, I was going to write down what I did today's lunch! lol :P
Today's Lunch, I made some Seems like Japanese food...

Here is the picture
Simple lunch
It is much to cook, but I like to make like this kind of food a lot of time... I guess I should make like this more often than I made before...

It's great to think and review time for the year!

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