Friday, December 30, 2011

Last two days!

Last two days for this year, and last two night for making dinner this year. I made dinner like below I will going to show here. I was not much hungry when I was making it, but when I wanted to eat something I made a lot of things... Tooooooo Much!!!!! ahaha
Well, it is needed to make some of things like that anyway, and I needed to clean some stuff out from my refrigerator. So I made several dishes and it looks ok after all....

Here is the dinner!
 There are rice, vegetable fried, macaroni with beef, and seaweed soup, and I drink a coffee. I was happy to eat like that. Well, I made a lot of seaweed soup and will be drinking that soup tomorrow too. Well, it is a nice day to make something like that.

Hopefully everyone enjoy your day!

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