Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of the year 2011 (Part.1)

This starts with my reviewing the year of 2011.

First, I told that I will go by time and month review for myself, and it will be short writing each one. I should have been thinking that I should write down two or three topics for each one.

I am not sure what I should talk about this month, but one thing that I can talk about the topic is I got new Graduate Assistant job at the time. It was nice that I got two different jobs and have a great time with that jobs. Also, I remember that I was busy studying a lot of new things at that time. Also, I found that I want to make sure I learn as much as I can with that new job I got and start using it as my opportunity of studying here in the USA.

It was went faster than I can remember the stuff which I am not sure what I did during this month, and I was sure that I was learning and making some education things for junior high students. I also present to there about "how to make PowerPoint and how to use it in class". I was happy to teach students about my knowledge as I went to there and talked with them.

Those are my part 1.

I will write down next one from March though May.

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