Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's almost....

I was thinking about that phase "it's almost something" several times today, and I was comes up several thing related to holiday. First, it's almost Christmas that is the most common phrase to come up for all of us. I was just happy that Christmas is already here in the corner. Second, it's almost time for cleaning in the house because it's almost end of the year (third one). It's time for cleaning whole house where I live. So new year will have a clean room and clean house to start with. Fourth one is it's almost New Year! It is almost new year coming to here, and I am thinking that next year would be a happy and a nice year for myself. I am not sure how would be but will be different from this year.
(なぜか今日は「it's almost something」というフレーズをいくつか考えていました。そして何フレーズか頭の中に出てきたのをここに書き出しておこうと思います。まず最初はなんと言っても「It's almost Christmas」という代表的なフレーズです。とくにもうすぐそこにクリスマスが来ているのでこれが一番最初に思いついた言葉でした。特に変わったフレーズでもないので。。。二番目に思い浮かんだのは「it's almost time for cleaning」です。これはもうそろそろ掃除をやる時期になってきた!ということです。なぜなら「it's almost end of year」というもう今年も終わりになってきていますから。。。というのも兼ねて思い浮かんだものです。最後に浮かんできたのは「it's almost New Year」もうすぐ新年!でした。今年ももう終わりになりもうすぐ来年の2012年になろうとしています。今年はいろいろなことがあったなぁと思い浮かべながら来年はもっといい年になるのではないかと思いながら考えにひたしんでいました。)

I took some pictures today.
I found this snacks at 

Dinner at house

after dinner's desert

not mine..

Vanilla Coke
I like that first one, but I wish I know how to make it... lol I made dinner tonight, but it is not much to eat lol. Also, I couldn't eat half of them... lol

Awww! I found Vanilla Coke this year. I haven't drink that long time.

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