Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 days to be Christmas

It's almost time for Christmas, and I am going to have some Christmas present shopping soon... However, this year, I am not sure what to buy... I wish I know what I should have been buying already. Well, it is ok for me to think about it anyway. Oh yeah, I just notice that I have been working for decorations and so on. (もうそろそろクリスマスが近くなってきたのでクリスマスプレゼントの買出しに行かなくてはならないことになってきました。これまた、何を買えばいいのやらわからないという気もしますが。。。まぁ、今まではクリスマスのデコレーションや飾り付けをしているなどあわただしかったのもあります。なんにしろ何を買えばいいのやら。。。。)

Actually, tonight my roommate made diner for us, that is long enough time to he make one like once a 2 to 3 month (just feels like). BUT it was really delicious, and I am glad that he made the dinner, since I didn't want to make it tonight. Well, I made one thing that is mashed potato. It's easy to make it when I know how to make it.

Here is the pictures

entire dinner

Chicken saute  


Mashed Potato

For one person dinner plates
This makes me hungry again for watching and looking this one, and I am sure people who like to taste this make them hungry... Well, I hope everyone could have a good time with dinner.

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  1. I have been eating very similarly lately!