Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of the year 2011 (Part.5)

Review of the year of 2011, Part 5!

This part 5 will be talk about October. I was going to write down November too, but I decided to not write down about November.

October was not much  going on and I was not much doing this month other than I was trying to find out that what kind of things are good to use for Antique snack sets and so on. Also, I was trying to setting up things for Halloween, and several events coming up this rest of year. Usually I am think about that what I needed to do... but this month I wasn't that ready for it, but I guess I was ok. Also, I was trying to get some  of Fire King Japan information about first design mug and logo. I was happy that I talked to Fire-King Japan company people and found out that design middle of the month. Well, this is about October!

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