Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good Sunday

I had a good Sunday and having a fun day. I was watching some drama for a day long and trying to do some work same time, and I finish watching several dramas which I haven't watched ones. I am so happy that I watched and caught up now for some of them. I still didn't see what I wanted to see, but I will try to watch it over the week. However, new episodes will comes up soon after that, and this week and next week will be last episode for many of them. :-(

Also, these things what I had doing that time, I took several different pictures.
morning breakfast! Onigiri

Coca-Cola with Polar Bear logo
This was in the morning, I ate breakfast and drink the Coca-Cola little bit. I didn't eat all of them at once but I made 12 Onigiri for that time. It was good to eat something like that in the morning, and I am happy to make that anytime.

Candle is inside

milk glass made this light warmer
This is trying to make the candle inside milk glass mug, and I was so happy that I can take like this after all. Well, you can tell that I was enjoying taking pictures. This was getting night time, and it was making me warmer inside my heart!

Hopefully, everyone has some kind of activity to make yourself happy and great time!

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