Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little bit busy...

It was a busy day today, and actually I was doing a lot of things today. However, I had little bit of time to remembering about my Grandmother since today was her birthday, and wish she was arrive and live with us. Well, it is a nice that my family remember her birthday. Oh yeah, actually I had a good time for watching movie in the morning then I start doing some stuff what I needed to do today. After that, actually I watched some drama for relax, and I was so happy that drama for watching. It's really fun to watch. Also, in Japan that drama had rating for last episode was 40% which 40% of Japanese people were watched that drama. That is more than I thought, and I wanted to watch that after I see that rating!

Well, Change topic. I took one to two pictures today, and I like that pictures.
Here is those

My dog Kuki Sleeping!

My Grandma is next to me.
I love those pictures where I can see what I am around with, and this shows that what I am doing anytime lol.

hope everyone has like that whatever you use or have it around you is the important things for you!

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