Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One day after my final

One day after my final, I was really tired, but I needed to go to another place this morning. So I woke up around 5am and start preparing that what I need to bring for there, and I left my house around 7:30am. I think that was best time for me to leave the house. Well, it went well and I came back home after that. However, I was not sure what to do when I came home, because I was way tired than I thought. Well, it is good that I don't have much thing to do when I came back home. So I was happy that I could take some rest before I go another place.

Oh yeah, today was really nice weather, and I am not really believe that it's in December now. Actually, temperature was around 74F (23C) degrees, so it was really not like typical winter weather any at all. I think that is really good though. Well, tomorrow will be cold around here. So I was enjoying the day that warm and nice weather after all.

here is picture I took!
Sunset from the view back of my house

same view of sunset

nice looking cloud
I like to see this kind of weather and sky sometime, and my dogs enjoy that same time I did. I went to walk with Hana and Kuki for 10 to 20 minutes after I came back around 5pm. It was really nice and I enjoyed that.

here is some pictures



Hana and Kuki look enjoying the weather.

Hope, everyone had a great day~!

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