Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of the year 2011 (Part.2)

This is part 2 about my year of reviewing 2011.

This month, I finally started to write down blog for myself, which I had this site for more than years but I didn't write down in 2010. So I decided to write down about Greenville, and Fire-King things. It was nice that I found that what I like to do when I have free time, and I was thinking that if I write down everyday of my small fun life in Greenville, NC would help some people to know about Greenville, NC. It was nice to finally start that my blog!

This month is the my anniversary month of the year which for my came to America for 10 years in this year and new year of decay comes to me. I am trying to stay at USA after I graduate, so I start making some material for myself and will help me to find a job after I graduate from ECU. I am glad that I stayed in the USA for 10 years, and I love to stay in here more.

I had talked to my Junior High Classmate who is in Durham, NC right now, and I am glad that one of my classmate is near me now. It was nice to see him at this year, and it really good to think that my friend is near me. I am happy that I have a lot of things to talk about with him if we have time for spend free at time. Also, this made myself to have feeling of I am still at home like I used to.

Those are my part 2.

I will write down part 3 from June to July and Half of August.

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