Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of the year 2011 (Part.4)

Part 4 is review of the year 2011 about September.

September was different from what I had from every year. This year's September was a great time for me. Because my life friend who I met in Japan this past summer. I was lucky that he came to visit me, and hopefully he will be able to come to visit me every year... that is too much to ask, so I didn't say that but I love to he comes here and stay with me. I will have a great time with him anytime. I hope that he had a great time in here, but I am not sure... ahaha I am sure that we had a great time together! AHAHA. Also, I was able to stay at Washington D.C. for one night, and that was a nice night, I have ever had in the USA. I am glad that he came here, so I have excuse to stay in D.C. ahaha. Also, this is my opportunity to know the D.C., so I can rethink about where I want to go next and where I live next years of my life.

Also, I told that September is different from other months, because of my birthday is here!
This year, I had a big birthday with several people who I care and they are really really happy to celebrate with me. I am so lucky that I have a lot of people celebrate with me that my birthday! Thank you so much who were celebrate my birthday and wish my birthday well. I had a great time. I won't forget that my birthday every year. Hopefully, next year I will have a great year of birthday again!

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