Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finally, Put Up

Actually and finally, I put up my Christmas Tree at my home today, and I didn't know how much work I have been doing to put up all of ornaments every-time I do that one. It takes me to put all of together around 3 hours or little bit more than that. Then my roommate start helping me to get all of them done after 60% of finished. Finally, last thing I put up that was Start at Top.

I just got one new ornament this year, which I wanted to get one or two ornaments every year. So I got one and it was only $4 for the piece. Also, it has 2011 logo with it, but you can not see it from in front of the ornament view.

Here is the pictures.
Christmas Tree
This ornament for "Hana & Kuki"
I had good time putting up the tree and same time I had good time with my dogs. I took some picture of the dogs today. They made my day, and I am glad to have them in here. I am lucky to have them after all!

Here is the pictures
Hana with Christmas Blanket

Kuki with Hana

Kuki looks happy and Hana is happy too!
I am sure they had a good time and will have a good Christmas in 12 days!

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