Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raining Day

Today is Sunday, and usually not much things going on. However, today's weather wasn't that good.... It was raining sometime, and night time we are still having some raining. But it is a nice day to have raining since it was warm and not really cool as I know. Well, I made lunch and dinner today as usually. I skip morning for something eat. my lunch was simple and style of Asian and Western mixed. I use Fire King Jadeite dishes for lunch!

here is the picture
My lunch
 My dinner was little bit bigger than usual, and I was cooking two main thing for same time. But I didn't remember that what I put on sometime, so I put too much some of them.... ahaha. I will post the picture below this. This time, I use Fire King Primrose Dishes. All of them are so cute and looks good!
my dinner
I may have some dessert after while, but not sure since I am full and need to study little bit more tomorrow exam... Well, hope everyone has a great day of week start!

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