Sunday, March 18, 2012

Have Been Study for Exam...

I have been studying for my Exam on Tuesday, and I am sure I will be ok for this one. However, I usually worried about exam taking. But this one, I can bring one page long to hand light to bring cheating sheet on exam. So I will write down as much as I can for terminology which I need to remember a lot. So I will write down a lot and put on there for calculation formula. So I won't be get too nervous about it. I just need to think that what it is important to remember for this coming exam. I know what kind of thing I need to do. So I feel like I am ok. I just want to get nearly 100 point. So I am going to study more tonight and tomorrow night. Wish me luck! ahaha. I just want to put here a picture which is my dinner. ahaha.
 Here is the picture
This was my dinner.
Hope everyone has a great day!

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