Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh....! Away!

I am away from the Greenville, NC today and came to Tennessee for my spring break, and I am spending time with my friend and my dogs. I just went to highest elevation in the East Coast which is Mt. Mitchell in NC, and then came to Johnson City, TN. I will be stay in here tonight, and I am going back to NC again. Well, it is a nice vacation for me to take a break. It was a great day of spending time for myself and getting a great day! Oh! I ate German food for dinner, and it was a delicious meal after all!

here is the mountains pictures
this is place where highest elevation

This shows that the highest peak east coast elevation (2037m)

This is where is the mountain ranges
 It was a great time spend my Spring Break, and I hope I can do like this kind of trip again sometime later this year! I am glad to I did like this.

Hope everyone will have like this!

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