Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nice day off....

Actually, I was day off from Graduate Assistant in the office work or school classes today, so I went to library to study for most of the day. But one thing, I forgot to bring my cellphone and even didn't know until I came back home. I came back home around 2:30pm, that time I still didn't know I forgot my cellphone. I was really surprised that why I forgot about it.... Well, then I came back home and eat lunch. My lunch was so-men. I just used Fire King Azurite Soup Bowl. It's funny I use different use from it supposed to use. Well, then I went to seminar at university around 6:30pm. then I cam back home after that. I usually not going to that one, but this time I should go since it is new company and maybe comes to near here or in this town to business and associate with ECU. ahaha

here is some picture
my lunch
Then I made dinner for today... I didn't want to make dinner, but if I don't make I won't eat some rice and so on.... So I decided to make one tonight. Below is my dinner picture.

I really didn't wanted to make... so it's not really good... ahaha

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