Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lunch and Dinner (^_^)

It's just I wanted to say about one year from Japan's earthquake, and never forget about this one biggest damages. I am sure a lot of people are remember about this day.

I addressed today as lunch and dinner, so I am going to put on pictures about my lunch and dinner. I just took two pictures today, and it was lunch and dinner about mine. My lunch was curry and egg tofu with Green Tea. It is a nice thing that I eat like that and it was not too much to eat for. I usually eat not much at lunch but I just think this would be a good lunch to eat on Sunday.

Here is picture
Curry and Egg Tofu
Now, I am going to talk about my dinner, and I just want to say that my menu of dinner was steak, apple, bread, steamed broccoli, and salad. This looks a good meal and dinner for eat. I just not much to eat, but it was more than I should have eaten looks like. I really like that kind of dinner what I had tonight.

my dinner

I hope everyone has a great great day!

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