Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It was a warm day after all, and I can not believe that it was really cold yesterday and Monday. Well, it is a good day to have a nice weather for me, because I could have a good play time with my dogs. Also, it is a good day for me to have little bit rest time. I was having a good time, and had energy left to make a good dinner tonight. I just didn't think that I was having a good time with my dog that long... and I recognized that I need to make some dinner when I looked at my watch. So I started to make some dinner foods! Tonight dinner menu was Chopped Fried Chicken, Kimuchi, Fried Vegetable, Soup, Rice and Salad. Also, I use the Fire King Swirl Azurite.

this is my side
 It is a nice dinner after all, and looks like a good dinner too! I wasn't sure how to think that I did.... lol ahaha

Well, hope everyone will have a good Thursday!!!!

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