Thursday, February 23, 2012


I had a fun picture on my phone that is what I have chocolate from Valentine's Day, and I decollate with Fire King Ivory Snack comport. I really like to watch that one on that day. I just really had a great time to look at that one and a nice thing to know what kind of thing I can use. Also, it makes my day better and sweet after all. ahaha. Well, I am having a busy day, but still I am having a great day after all. It's still around 5:30pm, so I need to make dinner soon. Just need to do a lot of things tomorrow and Saturday. Also, I have an exam coming soon, so I need to study for the one.

here is that picture.

Fire King Ivory Comport
Looks really delicious, and really sweet and feel like you can eat from there... Well, I only eat one or two of them, then I didn't eat yet, and give all back to box where it won't melting... ahaha

Well, hope everyone has a good day!

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