Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday was relaxing day.

I was relaxing today, and actually I slept until 12pm. I think that was long time ago I did like that when I am staying in Greenville, NC. Usually I woke up around 9am at least on Sundays. Well, it feels really good to sleep long time and not interrupting from anything. However, I was thinking that I should do something, so I study after I woke up. Then I finally find that I didn't even don't need to do a lot of things.
Well, it is nice to do something like I need to do later. So I am able to be ok later! ahaha

Actually, I got some present from my friend today, and it was Fire King Swirl Sunrise Cup and Saucer. I didn't expect that happen, and I really happy to get that one. I haven't get present like that for long time, so I was surprised and really excited after all.

here is the pictures

I really enjoy the cup and saucer with other things!

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