Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EXAM finished


I had an exam this afternoon, and I think I did well enough and feel like I am good. So I think I am ok. I just didn't know the answer for one question which I was confused that and I answered it as much as I can, but I felt that is not correct answer. Well, only one answer was not correct for me to think this exam. So I think I did well. However, I wish I knew what to answer that last question. Well, before hand out to professor, I changed one mistake question which I recognized that one wasn't correct. Oh yeah, so make me happy that I could find after all that. I am sure that I got between 90 ~ 98 points out of 100. So if I get an A grade for this one, I am really good. Ahaha

Oh yeah... today no picture... ahaha

Well, maybe later, I will post again for another blog with picture if I have enough energy I have... ahaha

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