Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's Saturday, and around here had a great weather. I was outside for a lot of time today, and I am happy that I use my day like relaxing and little bit off from everything. I turn off my phone for while which makes little bit uncomfortable, but I wanted to know how that would be.... ahaha But I couldn't be off cellphone more than 1 hour.... lol I have to be connect my phone with network now. It's bad that I need to that much, but it is nice to know that I am ok or not. You know if you don't have some signal for a day or so you will have like this kind of thing happen. hehe

Well, it was a great weather so I drove to go little bit far from Greenville, NC and had a good time for a day. I took several pictures, but I had only few good pictures. Here are the pictures.

These picture you can see that it was a great weather and nice to drive around, and I really like to take pictures! Hope everyone enjoy like this!

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