Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's a Good Tuesday.

It's Tuesday and middle of week, and not much going on for me usually. But today was little bit busier than usual Tuesday, and I guess it is a good thing for me anyway. Well, I was really really tired and didn't wanna make dinner for tonight after I came back home, but I decided to make some food after I rest for 10 minutes. BUT even after 10 minutes rest still, I didn't have much energy to cooking food. So I just cook several things. Tonight dinner menu was Steak (without oil cooking style), some fired vegetables, seaweed soup with vegetables, rice and salad. I told that I didn't have energy to cook for tonight but end up I made kind of good food. I am not sure how to get all of that cooking food ahahaha :D I also I made ginger source for putting steak to taste better!

Here is the picture of my dinner
This is my dinner table!

this is my dinner
I didn't take the picture until I ate little bit of steak.... and well I guess it is ok for me to ate little bit to take the picture my side !!! ahahaha Oh, today I use the Fire King Jadeite dishes and I really like the color but I like Azurite and Turquoise Blue same like this. :)

Well hope everyone enjoy the dayS!

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