Monday, February 6, 2012

COLD WEATHER IS BACK and Will be around here?!

I just watched Weather Channel on TV, and it said that beginning of this February was warmer than average temperature, but cold front is coming to  over the states. So that means, actually we will have cold weather coming back here and around States.... I am not really want that kind of weather again. Because I don't like cold weather now, and wish I have a all year long summer time. No way to have like that, but I just wish to not get too cold anyway. Because if weather gets cold, inside my room is getting cold too.... Also, when I start cooking something, I usually feel like touching the ice-cold water from faucet. You can tell that is really not fun to make something during cold weather time. Well, when I was at my home in Japan, actually my home water is not too cold since it comes from underground water which won't get too cold like tap-water. I hope everyone will not have way too cold weather long time.

Here is my lunch today.
this was my lunch.
I use Fire King Turquoise Blue
Fired Rice and Paper Steak

My lunch was just fired rice and paper steak, and using Fire King Turquoise Blue 9" dish. It looks like small from the picture, but it was big portion of food. So I decided to eat that, but I couldn't eat at once and I separated for twice to eat. I ate that around 12pm and then I ate that around 3pm. So I actually finish eating that all before I went to somewhere around 4pm. ahaha

Well, hope everyone had a great Monday start!

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