Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catching Up!

I was actually catching up for several things, I needed to do today for this week. Also, I lost one data from my computer and I couldn't find it as I thought where I saved.... So I start again new one, and I need to do make all over again. However, it was easier than I thought because I already know what I need to make data as far as I consider from what I needed to do. So I even think that was not much trouble after all. I just wish I didn't lose the data what I create of it. I just need to know and make sure saved this time. I know that where I saved now, so that won't any problem anymore. I am sure that kind of stuff happen to everyone once a while or maybe at least once a life time. ahaha.

After all day long working and school work, I was really tired and sleepy but I made some dinner that time. This time I didn't use the fire king and so on.... I actually use new plate what I bought yesterday!
I made a good dinner as far as I thought tonight, and I really like to make that one. I think I will make that one again sometime later if I can have time. I just not have much time like that I made... ahaha.

here is my picture of dinner!
this was my dinner tonight

after dinner.... dessert!
I hope everyone enjoy spending time for anything you do!

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