Thursday, February 2, 2012


It was a warm day today too and a nice day again. I thought it is a February, and supposed to be winter here in the US and this area.... However, I don't think I feel like I am in winter season..... Because around me a lot of people were wearing short T-shirt, and it looks like summer to me. I guess it could be stay like this now? I hope that is not really happen here. Also, yeah why not not look like winter now.

Then I was out of my apartment for all day long, and I finally came home around 5pm. I wanted to rest little bit, but I didn't have enough time for rest because I want to make a good dinner gain since I have some left for making a good dinner again. I use again Salmon, made some seaweed soup with carrot,Onigiri, and salad for dinner table. However, I will wait to eat those with my roommate which will be better than just eat alone. ahaha. Tonight dinner, I use Fire King Swirl Sunrise, which is a ivory color with red round color for edges. I like this one because table looks like colorful and a nice decorations... lol :P

here is the pictures
Fire King Swirl Sunrise
I am going to eat dinner soon!!!!

I hope that everyone has a great time for what you were doing now and rest of the day!

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