Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LUNCH was...

I didn't made lunch today, because I was really not mood for making some lunch. However, I remember that last night left over is in refrigerator, so I looked at that and start setting up the lunch after all. I just ate like last night, and it was really good taste for me. I really like that what I had lunch today. It is a nice lunch than usually I have. YAY!
This is my lunch!
Then I have some stuff is going on and had a busy day afternoon. Then I came home and have a some dinner, and that time I was not sure what to make so I made some stuff. I made a lot of food, and I didn't think I can eat all, but actually I ate all.... I was kind of surprised myself to eat this much food.... I shouldn't eat it!!!!! I knew that, but I couldn't stop it... Well, I did exercise after dinner, so should be ok!
These are my plate....

this was dinner table!

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