Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday!! (>.<)

Today was the Saturday, and I had a great break day for myself. Also, this outside was not bad weather, and I went to some places. However, it is not really good weather either, and it was difficult to drive as strong wind going around this area. Well, I just wanted to say that still I had a great days! Also, I was surprised that I wanted to make some food for dinner after I came back home. I use Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes, and I cooked chiken main tonight! I cooked chicken for like steak and steamed asparagus, and cutting tomato, egg soup, fried vegetable and salad. I was hungry that time, and I made that much food. Well, that was really good and I really like to make like that.

Here is the picture!

Hopefully, everyone enjoy the day of relaxing!

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