Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's Sunday and supposed to be fun and good rest day, but today was cold and not really fun day for me. However, one thing I like that we may have some snow possible. I am so happy to see that what will be going on at night. Then I was little bit wanted to drive around this town for my last day of rent-a-car possible. Because my car will be coming back to me on Monday (tomorrow). I am hopping that my car fixed all. Anyway, I just want to post here what I was driving for several weeks.

here is the picture
GMC Terrain

GMC Terrain
I really like this car and wish I can have this one for several days years and so on. Next time I buy new car, I would like to have like this kind of car. Also, it is not too expensive to get one around here. I am sure that I should have bigger car than right now I have.

I ate sushi for dinner when I came back tonight, and I really like that one. I just ate like that tonight and I am full after that. ahaha

Well, hope everyone has a great week!

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