Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Start of the week.

Actually, I was a good mood in the morning, and I was having a great day on Monday. I just trying to finish up my assignments for my classes most of time, and it is a nice to know that I am able to finish earlier than I thought. Also, it is a good thing that I can finish ahead of time. Oh yeah, finally my car is back to me now, but I am sad that my rent-a-car needed to go back to where I got from. I really like that car and will miss driving it. BUT I am glad that my car is back now. So plus and minus for that feeling so nothing really, and not happy or not sad after all! So it is a good thing. I will be much careful to drive around town now on.

Here is my car!
my car! looks really new now!
Yay! My car is back and i am so happy to see that looks new!!!! Really looks new to me. Also, all broken part was removed and completely now good condition. ahahaha
 oh yeah... I should post here before fixed picture.
see you can tell that how bad was.... ahahaha

Well, after all those event, I made dinner for tonight. Tonight dinner was.... below picture....
my dinner tonight!

I made kimchi (cucumber and nappa cabbage), water fried steak (will get half calories), and fried vegetable mixed, and pork steak (which I didn't eat one), rice and vegetable soup. Also, I made salad too! I use Fire King Jadeite for today. It's nice dinner for me!! YAY.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed day of the week begin!

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