Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomorrow is the day of...

I just recognized that tomorrow is the day of Leap Year, which mean we have a day more than usually year. That mean, we have one extra day for enjoy the month of February. I totally forgot that day for this year. ahaha. Well, it is ok for me to forget sometime like this. I just need to think that I have another day of my good life. Oh yeah, I just got a new iPhone 4S cover which I broke one old one. So I needed to buy it. It's a nice cover to have one new. I just remember that. 
(今気がついたんですが、明日はうるう年で2月が1日長いということにそして今年は1日長い年であることに気がつきました。すっかりこのようなことがあることすら覚えていませんでした。時にはこんなこともあるのかなぁと思ってしまいました。でもこう考えました。1日長く過ごせるというのはいいことなんだとそしてこれは自分のやりたいことを1日長く出来るという風に思うと楽しくなるのでは?という風にです。まぁ、それはおいておきまして、今日はさすがにiPhone 4Sのカバーを買ってきました。今まで使っていたやつが壊れてしまい全く役割を果たしていない状態で数ヶ月過ごしてました。さすがに安くていいものを見つけたので早速買うことにしました。思っていたよりもよく手にもなじむのですごくつかいやすいと思ってしまいました。)

After I came back home, I ate dinner. Tonight dinner was a very good one. I really like to eat those, but it costs more than usually... so I was not really enjoy it after thinking about it, but why not to eat like that once a while.... It's a good thing that I can enjoy eat for dinner anytime. You know, that is the most important life for us which is eating meals for days, years, and lifetime long. So it is ok for me now. (^_^). 

Here is my dinner.
tonight dinner

after dinner dessert
 I took one or two picture and I thought this picture will be a good picture for me to post on here and put on my profile picture now on. I like this picture of me and Hana. This is my favorite picture now.
This is my profile picture from now!
I hope everyone has a great day of Feb 29th, 2012!

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