Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday... huh! NOTHING other BUSY!?

Actually, I was busy today from beginning of day to end of day, and I was out of town for all day long. It is a nice day to go out from Greenville, but I think I didn't get not much tired feeling from driving and so on. But I just wish that I didn't need to come back to Greenville soon like just one day trip, and so on. I wish I could go another place and stay in there for one night or two nights, so I can enjoy the trip and staying there to see around town wherever I go.  Well, it is ok for me to just go there for few hours and comes back right now, but maybe next time I go there, I would like to stay in hotel or so. So I can have a great trip as I like to have.

here is one picture I took!

this was my lunch today!
 I love this food what I got in the town I went to... and I bought the plate which really cute and I wanted to buy that time. Also, that plate was cheaper than I expected! YAY!

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