Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's February!!!

It's already in February now! I had a good day today and having a nice warm weather same time. I went to another town after I finish school, and I was having a great time with one Junior High School classroom. I just went to help students and teachers for some technological stuff, and talked to them what's going on. Also, next week on Wednesday, I need to go back there and help them to make using some internet website and teach them how to use it as well. I think this is a good opportunity for me to work somewhere like that and improve my teaching skill for myself. Then I went to shopping for some food and bought several things for dinner. I made Salmon main and soup and so on. It's better than last night. This time, I use for Fire King Swirl Azurite. It is a nice set of dish to use for dinner, and that color makes dinner table brighter. :D

here is the picture of dinner~!
This is my side of dinner table...

This is whole dinner table.
I had a good time making some dinner today, and I was thinking a lot of things... Well, I have some left over for my dinner which will be tomorrow's my lunch... lol. I hope everyone had a good day!

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