Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am really use my all energy~~!

I was busy from the beginning today, and actually I was full activities all day long. When I came back home from school, I just went to another place then came back from around 7:40pm. Then I figure out that I need to make dinner for me and my roommate! which I was really didn't want to make tonight dinner. However, need to save money for that so I just made dinner as little energy as I was. I use Fire King Golden Shell dishes, and tonight menu was Chicken with fired vegetable main, Spaghetti with Seaweed, Pork Vegetable, and Salad. I was not really wanted to make it so looks good but taste was ok... lol Well, tomorrow I will have a great day!

here is the picture

this is my dinner
I hope everyone had a great day and hopefully will start a great weekend!!!!

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