Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's so cold!!!!

Today is the coldest day of the week and started with this year, and I can not believe that high only went up to 36F(1C) degrees. I was sick and got some headache and stomachache for all day long, but still needed to do some work for my study which I wanted to do. I just went to outside for a little bit, and I don't think I want to go outside again after all... WAY TOO COLD! ahaha. Right now outside temperature is 29F (-1C) degrees.
oh yeah I made lunch today as simple like yesterday, and I made some dinner. I will post that dinner what I made tonight, but it is not really good to show as I think. Looks good but taste is ok. lol ahahaha.
I use an antique dish from what I bought several months ago.

here is the dinner picture

I made this one is Salad, Sausage, Pasta with Tuna, and some vegetable. It is not much to eat like that... lol ahahaha
Well it is nice to have like this simple but looks good like this, but I need to make some good meal to make my cold go away from me! I will take a rest tonight as long as I can!
(夕食のメニューはサラダ、ソーセージ、シーチキンとパスタ、そして野菜のいため物です。そこまでこったものは作っていませんが、シンプルでも見た目良しだったのでオッケーということで! それにシンプルでもここまで見た目が良いものが出来て結構嬉しかったです。でも、風邪がどっかにいくようなものを作らなくてはいけませんね。ということで今夜は早めに休むつもりです。)

Well, hopefully, I will have a great day tomorrow and Thursday!

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