Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I had a busy day, but it was a nice outside day. I was busy, but I was outside a lot of times today actually.... So It was a busy day but a good day for me. Then I came back home around 5pm and start cooking for dinner, and I made some dinner to eat. I needed to use some stuff for tonight since I always forgetting about that what I wanted to eat when I am tired.... So I decided to make Yakisoba for dinner. Also, I set up dinner table for my roommate and me to eat. Because I didn't want to eat alone. ahaha. It is a good way to eat like that and have some company with me. I don't mind eat alone, but I usually make a lot to eat, so my roommate and I decided that makes both food same time. Which make sense to me and it is a good way to reduce cost for making and eating food for at that time. ahaha. I use Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes for tonight setting up dinner.

Here is the picture of it

Yakisoba, Salad, Seawed Soup, and Rice
Fire King Turquoise Blue
I hope everyone enjoy your day and have a great night!

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