Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I don't have much to say today, but I just started writing about this blog. Oh yeah, one thing I can write down is lunch and so on. My professor gave me lunch for during I was working with her, and that was very nice of her to give me the lunch. I was so happy that I got that. Also, I forgot to eat breakfast today, so I was little bit hungry when my professor asked me. Then I came back home after I finish working with her. I was watching some TV and eat a soup for after lunch. It was good to eat, but not too much for me to eat that one. I didn't think I was hungry, but I just wanted some soup for that time.

here is the soup!
seaweed soup
Then I was relaxing for one hour or so, that time I read a book and trying to figure out what the book about. Well, it was a lot more interesting than what I thought before I start reading, and I like the book that what I read today. I think I am going to read that one over the weekend. The book title is "My life as a Book" and "Ghostopolis". I like both books, and I am sure I will going to read those books.

After that, I eat dinner as small one. I didn't much hungry, but I just wanted to eat a small meal. So I just made some mixed rice with soup and salad. I just made it.... Looks like that is not really tasty food to eat though lol.

here is the picture of it
Rice with Seaweed Soup and Salad....
Well, just try for anything you think would be ok to eat! lol

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