Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

Actually, today is the starting day of the new year's work, and I have been doing some of things already since yesterday. Well, I had a great New Year's Day, and I was happy about that what I had for my day off! I usually not much to do as I though, but I had a great day of beginning of the year of 2012! That was a great thing! I guess a lot of people had a great starting year as well, and have a great day of start school, work and so on! I will be busy semester again soon like next week start, but it is good to be busy again! I am sure that I will be happy that I have something to do and having a great time with it!

Here is what I made lunch today!
Bread, Chili Soup, and Udon
I didn't want to make much today's lunch, so I just made like that simple and not much to take time to make it.Well, it is good to eat but I need to start losing my weight little bit which I gained over the Christmas break through New Year's Day! ahahaha.  Hope everyone had a great New Year start with!

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