Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Dinner!!

I had a great dinner today, which I didn't make, but I went to get a good food from one restaurant! I didn't have much to make today, so I decided to get a dinner and take home then eat it. It looks really yummy and I really like that food from the restaurant. I think everyone wish to eat there, and maybe I would like to eat sometime again. I order Lasagna and Chicken Parmesan, and also I got Tiramisu for dessert! That Tiramisu was a great taste, and I wish I could have more than that. However, I don't have money to spend for two of them, and it will be a lot to eat anyway. Ahaha.

here is the pictures
This is Dinner Table Looks like


Chicken Parmesan

Tiramisu and Passion Tea
 I like this Tiramisu and Passion Tea, and I use Fire King Azurite Swirl for dish!

 It is a good that I enjoyed a day of end like this and I really wish that kind of food I would eat again sometime later! Hopefully, I will be enjoying eating this again!!!!

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