Saturday, January 14, 2012

Relaxing Saturday (^_^)

I had a relaxing Saturday, and I went to see a movie which I haven't seen yet but it came out long time ago. However, this time Disney produce as 3D Movie for effective screen. I was little bit surprised that how many adult people came to see that movie was. I think that movie was a great movie, and it is good to children to see that movie as we see it. That movie was "Beauty and the Beast". It came out to the theater in 1991, and now it comes back to theater for 3D effect version. Well, it is a good movie to watch with family and so on. I hope everyone who watched that enjoyed it.

here is some of the movie parts

It is a good to know that old movie, but it is a great thing to watch when you get grown up and/or older.

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