Friday, January 6, 2012


I was having a good dinner tonight, and it was better than any other days of past few days. I just cook a better that time, and I made little bit different than usual. You will be able to see that below. I will up some other thing after this one or later.
(今夜は少し頑張って豪華な食事を作ってみました。ここ数日間に比べれば結構いい食事になっています(^-^)/。まぁ今回は少し張り切って作って見ただけです。♪(v^_^)v結構楽しかったので、また頑張って作れる時に作ってみます( ̄^ ̄)ゞ)

here is the picture of the dinner
Dinner v(>_<)v
I made like this not long time, so I was not sure it is good or not. However, I ate after one bit, I felt like really good and I am really great feeling! yay! I just wish to have more kind of like this food, but I don't think I can make all the time. Also, I need to get some stuff from store, and it is over cost for me. So I can make like this once a month or two months. But I am sure this will be a great time for me to eat like this once a while.

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