Thursday, January 19, 2012

100,000 miles

Today, actually my car milage went over 100,000 miles on display, and I was happy to see that that time.... Same time, I decided that I will drive my car until I can not use it. That is so good feeling that, and I even thought that how much I love my car. It is no repairing needed from when I bought to now, and haven't need to make some major repair any at all. That is really a good thing for having car, and that makes me to think this car is the best car ever I have and had for my life now. I am really happy that my car is, and I feel like I am really ok with my car for next several years more!

Here is my car pictures!

This is My Car

This was 99,999 miles on

100, 000 miles!

this was 100,001 miles
THis was 100,010miles...
 I really really love this car!!!!

my car is the best car!

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