Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Time only using Jadeite Fire King

Actually, I found that Fire King Jadeite series around here in Greenville, NC and I just tried to use for dinner table to set up and the first time I use that only Fire King Jadeite. I didn't think I can use that all for what I wanted to put up on table, but end up, I am able to set up my dinner table with only using Fire King Jadeite. I was kind of surprised that  I can do it.... lol Also, I was happy that I am able to use it like that, and my dinner was looks better than what I thought. Well, dishes are an important dinner display for we use and eat with it. It is a nice thing to use as what you like for yourself, and that makes your meal better than what you thought before.

here is the picture of my dinner!
whole table set up
 This is my dinner table what I set up for myself and see that is ok or not.... I think it looks ok and I like to see that what I see from my view!
my dinner setting
 This side is my plates set up, and looks okay. it is really simple and not much interested to see, but I enjoy it as before I started eating dinner!
now finish setting up!

During I was eating dinner....
I was enjoying to eat the dinner and had a great time, and I tool some pictures like that. I just need to enjoy myself being there what I am eating! ahaha.


  1. I don't really know what you are saying but your food always looks really good!!

  2. That is not a good thing to write for comment to the person who wrote this bolg, and I think you shouldn't write down anything negative things. I understood that what he is talking about. Also, I think he has a good English sentences to explain for what he wanted to say. Well, if you are not nice person to write down, you shouldn't write anything.