Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5th

Total of the 400 blog posts on this site! WOW that's really amazing! I will keep up to get another 100 post to be 500 blog posts and will get 1000 blog post sometime next year or maybe late this year... ahaha

It's already 5 days from New Year started, and I was relaxing little bit for today. However, I have some stuff needed to done today, so I study and work for little bit that I wanted to be finished. Then I made some lunch around noon, but not much I wanted to eat so I just made little bit of it. Around that time, I usually fight with my roommate about what I am going to see when I am eating, but always he is watching some news shows. So I don't have chance to see what I like to watch, and I haven't seen the show I used to watch for long time. I am hopping that will change it sometime soon!

here is the lunch what I made
lunch simple Japanese one!
After lunch, I was taking some relaxing time and spend my reading time for rest of time until I go to tutoring around 4pm. Then I came back home around 7pm, which I went to shopping for some grocery shop after my tutoring finished. I needed to buy some food for next week and so on.  Then I came home and made some dinner, I wasn't wanted to make a lot of things, after I made some food it was looks like a lot more than I thought...

here is the dinner what I made!
Dinner (Using Fire King Azurite)
Well, hopefully, people had a great day of Thursday, and will have a good weekend!

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