Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had a little bit busy day, and I had heavy duty day same time. I have some stuff usually going on around me, and I am doing some things like what I need to do, but I usually don't mind to do that. However, today some reasons, I felt little bit busier than usually, and I wanted to get some more time to do. I am so happy that what I am going to do everyday, and it is a great thing for me. I just not really mood for a day or something.... Well, it is ok today is almost over anyway.

oh yeah, today I had a good dinner... which it is a delicious dinner for me. I use Fire King Swirl Azurite for dish and set up as I usually like to do. My dinner was Kimuchi Noodle Soup, Rice and Seaweed Soup. It was a good dinner than I thought~!

here is the picture!
Kimuchi Noodle Soup, Rice, and Seaweed Soup

my roommate food...

eating dinner table!
 Below, I took picture of inside ECU library today after class, and I was little bit surprised that what we have now. I went to several times past year, but I didn't recognized that we have like that now with Coca Cola product with ECU. I just like to see like that. One thing, I wish we have Japanese vending machine which hot and cold for same vending machine!
ECU Vending Machines at Library

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