Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Tuesday...

I had a good Tuesday morning and night. I didn't much to say anything before, but I started to think about that what I did today. I just thinking about what I had eaten today, but I just recognized that I only eat that dinner.... Well, it is good to eat that what I ate tonight, and I think it is ok for me to think that was a good dinner. I used some Fire King Azurite dishes tonight for setting up my dinner. However, it is not really I thought would be... lol
Here is my dinner....
tonight dinner

Today's dinner was rice, hot&sour soup, salad, and spring rolls. You can see that was not much to eat... lol
Well, that was a lot of food to eat for me now, and I am sure I don't even wanted to eat all, but I didn't eat all day long, so I decided to eat after all. It is a nice night for me to spend time with my dogs, and watching some stuff what I can see on TV, and I read some books. Oh yeah, that book is "The Help", "My life as a Book", and "Amulet #4".

Here is the books pictures
The Help
My Life as a Book

Amulet #4
Hope everyone has a good night and have a great days!

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