Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh wow...!

I just looked at one website which showed the Republic's Iowa Election 2012, and I was surprised that Mitt Romney beat Rick Stantorum for just 8 votes! I heard so many people were saying that Rick Santorum is winning for Iowa this time. However, I thought Mitt Romney might has chance to win this Iowa election. But I didn't think that for real. Well, that is fun to watch that all from now that who is going to against President Obama on November, 2012. Now, it is getting more excited to see it. I am not able to vote for this but I just like to watch it!

That is a good way to start with Republic campaign now, and I guess people will watch careful more on this time. I am not sure how this will affect to General Election for 2011, but I hope this will have some showing that who would be nominee for this year possible! I hope that top two people will be nominee for Republic.

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