Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nice Day

Today, I woke up little bit later than usual, but I just not really have enough energy to waking up in the morning. Well, after I woke up, I was little bit running late than what I supposed to be. So, I didn't be able to take any food at breakfast, and I was in class for most of day, so I didn't have time to eat lunch until I came home later today. But I didn't want to eat lunch before dinner, so I decided to eat small things to make my stomach can be waiting to eat dinner. However, I was kind of not hungry when I finished making my dinner and set up and trying to eat. I ate all, but feel way too full than I suppose. So I guess I will take some medicine to make my stomach will be ok. lol
(今日は朝起きるのが少し遅くなってすべてにおいて朝は時間がなくなってしまいました。しかし、なぜか朝起きようと思ったら体がだるく起きたくない!と思ってしまったほどでした。しかし、授業などが一日中あったのでさすがに起きて準備をしてすぐに学校の方へ。ということで朝食は食べられないで出かけました。そして、今さっきも言ったように授業が一日中あったので昼食すら食べることが出来なかったのです。そして軽食を授業が全部終わってから食べました。夕食に近かったので昼食をたべるというよりは軽食を食べて夕食までのつなぎとしようと考えたんです。しかし!そのおかげで夕食のとき満腹感でいっぱいでした。一応自分の分は全部食べ終えたのですが、あまりにも満腹で気分最悪!(--;) そこまで食べるなって感じですね。あとで胃薬を飲んでおこうと思います。)

Tonight dinner was spaghetti, salad, soup (Japanese style), and Mashed Potato.

Here is the picture!
all table at table

my section! lol too much!
I eat all of that spaghetti, but I couldn't eat mashed potato... lol. However, I eat enough me to think I am full! (more than full!!!) lol

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